Decadent and Unhealthy

Yeah, that seems about right. Welcomed the school year with a bang. And after having our first thesis talk we all needed a beer.



Apparently Mr Jones takes photos of me when I'm not looking.

Today is my first day of my senior year of college. I couldn't be more excited/nervous. I should celebrate with something decadent and unhealthy, right?


Cold Hard Talent

I'm sure that's what this guy tells people he has.

Mr Jones and I spotted this guy at the Hawthorne Street fair, while eating our elephant ear. Nothing like good eats and free entertainment.


Dear Future

Can I please live in Sheryl Crows house

and throw this party?

But in real life I would like to hang buntings in my windows like pictured below so I can have my drapes open and still have a little bit of privacy, plus, it looks SO cute from the outside!

Source: flickr.com via Joy on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Joy on Pinterest

So Pintresting

You can check out my about me section to find out how this blog was named.


Instant Tears From a Lobster

Oh heeeeeeey gurrrrl.

Ok for reals. I have been busy doing nothing. I mean I have been working, a lot. Not working out at all. Like I haven't seen the gym in a month. Some cute boy and his dog take up all my time. And I gladly give it up to them.... TIME that is. My excuse for not blogging: no excuse. Life just gets busy sometimes... the kind of busy thats not too fun to blog about. I mean I could tell you guys all about how Mr Jones and I cook and clean and take the dog for walks but really... I'd bore you to tears.

Speaking of crying, I was on Mt Hood on Monday and got a sun burn. Can you say lobster? I can. I get to work on Tuesday to show my mom my lovely new red sleeves and a coworker walks up to me and slaps my arm!!! Knowing that it is already BURNT BADLY. Instant tears. Thanks coworker, that felt AMAZING.

Anyway.... back to the rest of life... I start school next Tuesday! My senior year of art school! It all feels so real right now. I'll have a degree by the end of next May and I'll..... do what with it? Probably hang it on my wall and admire it while i either get a job or go to grad school. Phew. Those two options feel heavy. The third option, mail order bride, involves me moving to Russia and perfecting my fake accent. That sounds like a lot of work. Maybe I'll stick to grad school.

On another note, I added IntenseDebate to my blog! Its a commenting system that allows me to comment back to you! And you can subscribe to all the comments on the post or just the replies to your comment. I've been seeing it around lately and I thought I'd give it a try. So comment, tell me how your summer went and lets see if this works!


So Pintresting

Source: imgfave.com via Ariel on Pinterest

These were all found in a stash labeled "for gary". How cute.


things i like today, wowza

Perfection. Simply Perfection. Btw, i love looking at womens wedding rings on the bus and wondering what the hell they were thinking. Or their husband/wife was thinking.


things i like today, i mean... yesterday

Ok things i like today and yesterday. Wood type. I took half the day off work to go to school and help organize and clean the letterpress studio. I had a lot of fun hanging out with the girls and I found myself missing the studio so much. There is nothing more satisfying than alphabetizing anything... let alone an alphabet. And theres nothing more beautiful than wood type.

It was a lot of money to get access to the studio over summer so I opted out. I can't wait to get back in there in a couple of weeks when school starts.


I need a weekend from my weekend

My cousin Amy graduated college this last month. Refusing to throw a graduation party (because it took her longer than 4 years) I asked her to come down to Portland and celebrate.

Amy at her first sushi train.

We shopped, we ate, we bar hopped, we giggled the night away. We had a blast downtown Portland and I did my best to show Amy how easy it is to travel to different parts of town to get to bars and restaurants.

Before heading to the east side, we stopped in at the bar below my building where I told the bartender to pay close attention to my address and we got free shots... that tasted like orange tic tacs... Orange tic tacs don't taste good... why on earth would someone make a shot out of that??? Maybe if we were 21 knew no better, that would have tasted good. But we are sophisticated women in our mid twenties and we have far finer taste... like chili cheese fries from at food cart at 1am. So phis ticated lemmetellyou.

I dont think we could have squeezed anymore into our 36 hours together and I look forward to doing it again next time she's down.

And hats off to Mr Jones who carried me to the car at the end of the night, hosted two drunk girls at his house and drove Amy back to grandma's at 9am the next day. I don't know if you know... but... he's the best.


Hurt Feelings & My Half Birthday

Yeah, this about sums up my morning..
And on a-whole-nother non-related note.... My boyfriend totally plays along with my sillyness. The 10th was my half birthday and Mr Jones showed up with my favorite flowers... in my favorite colors.

And what else does someone do on their half birthday? Bake a cake, duh. Who do you think I am? A party pooper? Nope. No way. So I baked my favorite chocolate cake recipe with chocolate ganache frosting. So decadent I decided not to eat it all and to bring the cake into work. It went over very well.

So I'm going to try to stop singing this song to myself and cheer up. Because guess who's taking a half day off work and meeting her boyfriend for sushi? This girl.


Blog Updates

So maybe some of you have noticed that i have been doing some blog updates the past couple of months. I think the newish header is obvious but I also updated the about me section, blogs I read, contact info and photos pages. (on the top of the left hand side bar.)

Well you can also put my new blog button on your blog!

Grab a button! Be sure to leave a comment on my blog so I can check your blog out too!

new blog button

Is there a standard size for a blog button? All the ones I have collected haven't been the same size. I went with this square but I also might make more to fit other sizes. Because they all look messy when they aren't the same. Or maybe I'm OCD.

Anyone have a preference in size?... of a blog button ladies. you dirty ladies.

I like free things.

So when Starbucks emailed my mom with free movie tickets to see The Help, we jumped on it. We aren't too proud for free. Even if it was a movie we had never heard of and on a Thursday night, we were down.

Upon getting to the packed theater, mom and I took a side seat and listened to the host tell us the movie was T W O & A H A L F H O U R S L O N G. Omg, on a work night? We're old ladies, I hope we make it. Mom leaned over and said "if you get bored or tired, we can leave."

Much to our surprise the movie was hilarious. The character development was spot on, the storyline never had a boring spot. The climax of the film was dead on. Not to mention the wardrobe was drool worthy and the sets made me wish I lived in the 1950's.

We didn't get bored, not once. We didn't notice when the 2 & a half hours had gone by and we laughed a lot. A LOT A LOT. oh and mom cried. Because she's a baby... or maybe because there really were some soft spots in that film.

Over all I recommend it. Like go see it. Now. NOW.

Mom said she'd even watch it again. Mom hasn't watched a movie all the way through since Disney came out on VHS, so that says a lot.


Will you carry my shoes?

And a new favorite sentence is born.

Will you carry my shoes?
Will you get me some water?
Will you grab that?
Will you do this?
Will you take me here?
Will you take me there?
Can you please do anything I ask forever?

"yeah babe, no problem."


Back From the Beach!

Yesterday Mr Jones took me to the beach... he's really good at taking hints... "Babe, I want to see the ocean." "What are you doing Saturday?" Win! And thank you Mr. Jones. Unfortunately I was a little under the weather and on allergy pills... Sooo... excuse the dead look in my eyes... Actually I was happy to see there wasnt too much of a dead look on my face.

And speaking of faces, look at this love boat. Oh the kisses.
One of our stops was at Cannon Beach, where part of the Goonies was filmed.
Sunshine on the Oregon Coast? WTF? Who Cares!
Look at those boys, what cuties.
One of the best parts of the day! First ocean wave.
Beckett was... a little... much. Good thing he's cute.
Real Cute.

I used this set of actions to edit these photos, action #5.


Mr Jones

I've been absent, I know. I've lacked blogging about real life things. Are you sick of my pintrest post yet? Be honest, its ok, I'll forgive you. No. Wait.... Please forgive me. I've been slacking on the blogosphere. I've been trying to keep up with yours... but when there's sunshine in Portland, Oregon, I like to go out in it. Not in a 'I'm wearing a bikini top and short shorts in public' kind of way, but in the 'OMG VITAMIN D' way. I'm severely deficient in vitamin D... did you know that's possible? You too should go to your doctor for a physical not because you think somethings wrong, but because its good for you to maintain a good understanding with your doctor. Ok, PSA over. Back to Mr Jones.

Mr Jones holds my hand in public, he even reaches for it.
He puts on music I love so when I get out of the bathroom I can instantly smile.
Mr Jones lets me love on his dog all day and doesnt get jealous.
Jones Jr gets jealous when his turn is over. Then soon forgets, because he's a dog.
He makes me breakfast. Not the dog, the Mr.
Actually Mr Jones feeds me constantly.
Good food.
Do you like ___(insert food here)___?
Then feeds said food to me.
Like key lime pie.
Mr Jones tells me I'm beautiful even when I have no make up on and 'I just had a nap' hair.
He tells me I'm perfect.
He laughs at my nerd jokes and I think he actually gets them.

Ahhhh who knew a boy could be so refreshing.


Bloggin in Real Life

Are they not the cutest mother daughter duo ever?!?

I blog. Obviously. You probably blog too. Or maybe you don't. I don't know. But what I do know is bloggers are good people. Most of us. The ones I associate with. We help each other out when we don't know how to do something. We share recipes and experiences and words of wisdom. Ok... you're right... my words usually aren't wise, but ya can't win 'em all. I've always gotten such great responses from the people I contact in the blogging world and sometimes people contact me.

"You don't know me, but I've been a fan of your blog for a while now. That is something, considering that I only read 2 blogs with any kind of regularity, otherwise just skip around getting craft/book/recipe/decorating inspiration... ...I got hooked on your blog for one main reason, and that was your charming story about giving your dad the nose ring for Father's Day. Ever since then, you and I have been like this (I'm crossing my fingers.) Yeah, that sounds a little creepy...that's what's so weird about blogs, they make you feel as if you actually know the blogger, kind of like the Oprah effect. (Don't worry, I promise I'm normal: 50, married, 2 grown kids & a dog, librarian, writer, bridge player, gardener, baker, beer lover.)"

Kim, I hope you don't mind that I shared that. You're email was so real, and I really liked that about you.

It was really sweet of you to think of me when your youngest daughter was moving to my town. I was so happy to do what little I did to make the move easier. I wish I could have done more.
Kelly will be just fine, I bet you already know this, but she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders! I look forward to hanging out with her more!

So to clue in the rest of the readers on here... Kim and her daughter are in Portland now. We met up this evening for some dinner and drinks and talked about everything from school to hamsters. What? You think there's nothing to be sad about hamsters? You're wrong.
These women were so down to Earth, so friendly and so easy to talk to. I had a great time hanging out with them. It was so much fun to meet someone who reads this silly old blog and knows so much about me through it, It wasn't creepy at all. It was genuine.

So here to meeting more of my bloggin friends! Kayla... You and me girl. You and me. You're next. So we can pictures of you looking super hot and me looking bug eyed because my contacts were dry. Just like above... I know... you can't wait!

So join Kim and myself and email your favorite blogger! You never know... You might be having dinner with them someday!

Dear August,

I can't believe you are here.
3 more weeks until classes start.
I can't wait to see friends again.
I am nervous to start my senior year.
I feel so lucky to have met a boy and spend this month with him.
I want more warm days, less clouds.
I hope to see the ocean.
I want to be sun kissed and not burnt.
I hope you last more than a blink of an eye.
I turn 25 and a half. wtf. where did the last 6 months go?

Things I like today, dating

Source: imgfave.com via Tyler on Pinterest

On a side note, I promise I'll write a whole post on this later, I have plans tonight with a blog reader! Can't wait to meet you Kim and Kelly!