Back From the Beach!

Yesterday Mr Jones took me to the beach... he's really good at taking hints... "Babe, I want to see the ocean." "What are you doing Saturday?" Win! And thank you Mr. Jones. Unfortunately I was a little under the weather and on allergy pills... Sooo... excuse the dead look in my eyes... Actually I was happy to see there wasnt too much of a dead look on my face.

And speaking of faces, look at this love boat. Oh the kisses.
One of our stops was at Cannon Beach, where part of the Goonies was filmed.
Sunshine on the Oregon Coast? WTF? Who Cares!
Look at those boys, what cuties.
One of the best parts of the day! First ocean wave.
Beckett was... a little... much. Good thing he's cute.
Real Cute.

I used this set of actions to edit these photos, action #5.

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Holly Knitlightly said...

Bahahaha ahhhhhhhhh that first photo is awesome!! Love it.

I want to go to the beach now. And see the ocean. The Pacific Ocean.