I like free things.

So when Starbucks emailed my mom with free movie tickets to see The Help, we jumped on it. We aren't too proud for free. Even if it was a movie we had never heard of and on a Thursday night, we were down.

Upon getting to the packed theater, mom and I took a side seat and listened to the host tell us the movie was T W O & A H A L F H O U R S L O N G. Omg, on a work night? We're old ladies, I hope we make it. Mom leaned over and said "if you get bored or tired, we can leave."

Much to our surprise the movie was hilarious. The character development was spot on, the storyline never had a boring spot. The climax of the film was dead on. Not to mention the wardrobe was drool worthy and the sets made me wish I lived in the 1950's.

We didn't get bored, not once. We didn't notice when the 2 & a half hours had gone by and we laughed a lot. A LOT A LOT. oh and mom cried. Because she's a baby... or maybe because there really were some soft spots in that film.

Over all I recommend it. Like go see it. Now. NOW.

Mom said she'd even watch it again. Mom hasn't watched a movie all the way through since Disney came out on VHS, so that says a lot.