Mr Jones

I've been absent, I know. I've lacked blogging about real life things. Are you sick of my pintrest post yet? Be honest, its ok, I'll forgive you. No. Wait.... Please forgive me. I've been slacking on the blogosphere. I've been trying to keep up with yours... but when there's sunshine in Portland, Oregon, I like to go out in it. Not in a 'I'm wearing a bikini top and short shorts in public' kind of way, but in the 'OMG VITAMIN D' way. I'm severely deficient in vitamin D... did you know that's possible? You too should go to your doctor for a physical not because you think somethings wrong, but because its good for you to maintain a good understanding with your doctor. Ok, PSA over. Back to Mr Jones.

Mr Jones holds my hand in public, he even reaches for it.
He puts on music I love so when I get out of the bathroom I can instantly smile.
Mr Jones lets me love on his dog all day and doesnt get jealous.
Jones Jr gets jealous when his turn is over. Then soon forgets, because he's a dog.
He makes me breakfast. Not the dog, the Mr.
Actually Mr Jones feeds me constantly.
Good food.
Do you like ___(insert food here)___?
Then feeds said food to me.
Like key lime pie.
Mr Jones tells me I'm beautiful even when I have no make up on and 'I just had a nap' hair.
He tells me I'm perfect.
He laughs at my nerd jokes and I think he actually gets them.

Ahhhh who knew a boy could be so refreshing.