Instant Tears From a Lobster

Oh heeeeeeey gurrrrl.

Ok for reals. I have been busy doing nothing. I mean I have been working, a lot. Not working out at all. Like I haven't seen the gym in a month. Some cute boy and his dog take up all my time. And I gladly give it up to them.... TIME that is. My excuse for not blogging: no excuse. Life just gets busy sometimes... the kind of busy thats not too fun to blog about. I mean I could tell you guys all about how Mr Jones and I cook and clean and take the dog for walks but really... I'd bore you to tears.

Speaking of crying, I was on Mt Hood on Monday and got a sun burn. Can you say lobster? I can. I get to work on Tuesday to show my mom my lovely new red sleeves and a coworker walks up to me and slaps my arm!!! Knowing that it is already BURNT BADLY. Instant tears. Thanks coworker, that felt AMAZING.

Anyway.... back to the rest of life... I start school next Tuesday! My senior year of art school! It all feels so real right now. I'll have a degree by the end of next May and I'll..... do what with it? Probably hang it on my wall and admire it while i either get a job or go to grad school. Phew. Those two options feel heavy. The third option, mail order bride, involves me moving to Russia and perfecting my fake accent. That sounds like a lot of work. Maybe I'll stick to grad school.

On another note, I added IntenseDebate to my blog! Its a commenting system that allows me to comment back to you! And you can subscribe to all the comments on the post or just the replies to your comment. I've been seeing it around lately and I thought I'd give it a try. So comment, tell me how your summer went and lets see if this works!