Dear Margo and Eric

we had sass.

Dear Margo and Eric,

I really miss you. A lot. And it's weird because I don't miss that son of yours. That is neither here nor there. I miss my second set of parents who called me daughter from the beginning and treated me as part of the family. They took me into their home on holidays, on weekdays and on lazy days. They took me out to dinners, vacations and dairy queen. I miss sitting by the fire and listening to the piano while reading taste of home's holiday edition. I miss acorn cookies and pear cake. White bean chili and fresh salads from the garden. I miss the 15 feet of freezing cold air from the hot tub to the back door. I can still picture so perfectly the fall decorations; the scare crow and the pumpkins. I can still feel every texture in that house. The green carpet under my feet, the way the stools hit the counter top when you turned to quickly, the floral couch that has been long gone.

I miss Eric in the garage tinkering away while listening to Katy Perry. I miss Margo in the sewing room finishing her quilt. I miss talks of the future and how we'll do this and we'll do that. I miss traditions we had started and I hope to start my own. I even miss you nagging me to learn to ski and trying to convince me that I wanted to be up on the mountain.

Your words of wisdom were always right, your hearts were always kind and your love was endless. I know you think of me as I do you and I know whomever entered your life after me will be shown the same hospitality I was.

You're good people. And I will always love you.



I just felt like I had to get some stuff off my chest. I'm applying to Grad school for teaching and I need a couple letters of recommendation. The only teacher I've really known in the last couple of years was my exboyfriends mom, Margo. I can't decide if I should email her or not. I don't know if she would feel comfortable writing a letter of recommendation or not. Do I send a text to the boy and ask if it's ok? I don't think I have to, I have no want to contact him... but I feel like it's a respect thing.

What should I do?