Party Animals

You don't hear enough about how awesome my boyfriend is... right? Hmmm... I wonder if he realizes he can search himself in my blog. Sorry Mr Jones... Get used to it. :) The rest of you should get used to it as well... that includes you mom. Seriously my poor mother gets to hear every adorable and quirky thing he does. Sorry mom, look.... thats a public apology.

Back to real blogging.

Saturday marked a big occasion... the 2011 Jones Oyster Barbeque. Ok.. I kind of just made that official sounding title up but I think it works so I'm going with it. Also this is an annual event and if i knew exactly how long its been going on for I'd throw that in there too. Its kind of a big deal. Like hundreds of oysters, delicious tuna and salmon. 2 kegs, 2 live musicians(who were good) and like 70 men, women and children bid deal. Mr Jones told me all about it early on in our relationship.... Do you like that I say that like we've been together for years instead of just two months?

I had a really good time talking to a bunch of people I didnt know. Playing flip cup, listening to music, having a heart to heart with Mr Jones Sr. I also had my hair cut and styled by the Mr's fancy cousin... can't beat professional hair the day you meet the boyfriends parents. It was a great way to end summer.

The weathers suppose to cool down now and I can't wait to wear real clothes again and not cut offs and tshirts.