Stabbing vegetables with kitchen knives

My fellow Print and Destroy member and friend Megan hung out with the Mr and I all day Saturday while her boyfriend's away in Michigan. We went to the Columbia Employee store(scored some sweet 50% off deals!), had a bad boba tea experience, went to Mr Jone's dad's house to watch the UW game, where we ate a crap ton of delicious food, and carved pumpkins. Megan said it was a very wholesome day, I just call this life. lol


Things I like today, Sorel Slippers

Mr Jones surprised me with these slippers last week. It was super sweet and made my day. They are ridiculously warm and cozy and I haven't really taken them off since.


Seattle Trip

I know I teased with a Seattle trip update... well... here it is! Although really this seems to just be a photo dump.

 Mr Jones and I. I'm cute when he stands next to me, he might be magical.
I was super excited to see a Madewell store in real life. Although I didn't even dare step foot inside.
 There was a lot of good food. Including fresh donuts from Pike Place.

 And the little bit of the space needle we saw. Really once you've done that once, there's no need to do it ever again.

It was a gorgeous day for the UW game and we kicked butt! It was so much fun to see where the Mr went to school, his old hang outs, his friends and some of his family. I couldn't have asked for a more fun trip. I hope we make it up there again!

Pumpkin Season

So by now you've all probably had your pumpkin spice latte and you've got pumpkins on your porch, right?

Because if you don't, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

Mr Jones and I nabbed these pumpkins weeks ago and I was super excited to pick them out. Since then we've carved them, baked pumpkin seeds, made pumpkin cookies, ate pumpkin pie, and baked pumpkin nutella bread!

Can't wait for Halloween in just over a week!


Hello Fall

And welcome to the new fall blog design! I wanted to get this stuff organized for a really long time and I thought no better time than when I should be doing homework! Right?.. yeah.

My good friend Cat Dosset shot some photos of me yesterday and you can check her website out for more of her work. She's awesome. For real.

Yay for new blog designs! And don't worry mom, the home works getting done too. 


Cuteness in Seattle

Oh us? Yeah, we were just being super cute on our way to Seattle.


25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

This is one of the best shot how to videos I've ever seen. I love watching her facial expressions!

Mr Jones and I went to Seattle this last weekend and I have some pictures to share soon!


Random Rachael Fact

Sometimes I still design silly things out of song lyrics I really like. Yeah, I know, I'm not 14 anymore. Judge me. I dare you. I still can't stop listening to Vanessa Carlton's I don't Want To Be a Bride.


Things I like today, Dr. Ph. Martins

I swear this is the key to getting black blacks in water color. Not that I'm any fancy water colorists but I've been dibbling in it. I'll have to share that in another post.


Thank You

Mom and Dad for always helping, even when it just means holding corners down.


Out Princessed

Beckett lives in the lap of luxury.


Things I like today, Good Hair

Sometimes my hair turns out just the way I want it to. This is to document and remember.


Al Bundy Hands

Totally caught Mr Jones taking a nap with his hand tucked into his waist band... Then I took a picture of it... Now I'm showing it to the world. You are welcome.


Dear October

I can't wait for pumpkin carvings
I hope the weather cools down soon
I see lots of pumpkin lattes in my future
Cannot wait to decorate Mr Jones house
Looking forward to handing out candy on Halloween
and dressing up silly for the late night.
I want to bake to keep warm during the day
and cuddle to keep warm all night
I can't wait to spend another month with my boyfriend.