500th Post Giveaway!

 Wow, really. 500 posts? Five-hundred. What the hell am I wasting my free time on? People ask me that a lot. They ask if I blog for celebrity status. Ummm.. no. Clearly if I wanted to be all fancy I'd buy a fancy camera and post every day and have sponsors and more readers than just my mom. Seriously, my mom would love to win a prize. I blog to document. Simple fact.

So for the giveaway. Giving stuff away is fun, especially in this holiday season. Receiving things is so much better though. I'm flawed, what can I say.

I made screen printed these pocket moleskins sometime in the last year and never got around to giving them away/selling them/using them. So I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. And I also really like making big deals of mundane things. Like crushing on a boy online, talking to him for 4 days, and then him pretty much telling me I'm not worth his time. Cool beans yo. I mean, I think I'm cool.

The Thoughts notepad is filled with lined paper to jot down your biggest secrets. The Plots notepad is filled with graph paper, to draw out your latest... well plots. Duh people, I'm not trying to make this all hard.

All you have to do is comment on this post and leave an email. You can get an extra spot if you mention this giveaway on your blog. Just leave another comment with the link. I'll use a random number generator and give the prize away Friday.

Good luck!