Finals Week (of Hell)

Oh finals week. How I love thee. Wait. No. I. Hate. You. WTF. Why are finals during the same week everything is due for thesis!?!!?!? And why are papers due? and test to be had? wait.. no, i didnt take any tests. phew.

But let me tell you what I did do for the week. Starting with the Saturday before.

Saturday: Wake up, take my very first taxi ride ever to meet Megan and her family for her birthday breakfast. Go home, nap. Get cute, meet boy im dating for dinner and go out to celebrate megans birthday.

Sunday: Arrive home at 2:30am, drunk. Sleep, wake up and go to moms to help her decorate for the family christmas party the following weekend.

Monday: work, get told i am getting fired when i graduate. awesome. go home and do homework.

Tuesday: wake up hella early to finish homework. accidentally knock can of black spray paint off shelf and spray my face/shirt with it. I am now in black face. I rescrub and continue onto a 6 hour long critique in which i go first.

Wednesday: get woken up at 8am by my mother who is going crazy. little brother had a seizure she is going to the hospital. I am not going to the hospital. in another state. i dont drive. this was a hassle. i might have freaked out and called a coworker to drive me the rest of the way. he did not. Nick, you are a loser. Real coworkers drop everything they are doing for crazy girls crazy stupid irrational demands. But really Nick. thanks for putting up with me and now stop being a d-bag.

ok... sorry about that tangent. brothers doing the best he can. BTW. also he's 24. when i say little brother people think hes 12. upon going home from the hospital i write a paper from the start for my class the next day. i also make a powerpoint to go with it.

Thursday: wake up hella early to finish paper and powerpoint. go to class and sit in a critique for 6 hours. i know i said the same thing on tuesday but i lied, tuesdays was 7 hours. critique went until the cows came home. get dumped by the guy i was casually dating over text while turning in all my thesis stuff.

Friday: work. more work. after work go home to clean moms house for saturdays family party. cousin amy comes over and we drink. a lot. at bars. bars we usually dont have to pay at. we had to pay that night. sucks.

saturday: wake up hung over with cousin in my underwear. wtf. i have no shame. clean up. bake cookies. make awful fudge. go to family party and eat more food than i ever should have. omg. the food was sooo goooood.

sunday: meet with family and have lunch. go visit other family. family. family. family. crap.

Ok. now its back to monday. we just did over a week of shit. I still havent gotten sleep. someone kill me now. next weekend is christmas. i will also not get sleep then.